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sydney car rental airport

next generation airport saves lives we are in the middle of building a newregional intermodal transportation center. the vision of the airport is to keep thisstructure operational after the large earthquake that is going tohit southern california. this project was intended to provide a buildingthat would survive a major earthquake,

sydney car rental airport
and would be usable the day after. this is going to be one of the cornerstonesof the seismic resiliency for not only burbank, but all of la. i really think this project puts bob hope on the map.

this is a project of the future. we have not had a big earthquake since 1857.and as a result, we're due. it is designed for the mce or maximum credible event, or "the big one" as they call it out here. in the event of a major earthquake this airport will be the center for emergency responsefor southern california. fema, calema, la county sheriff la city fire, la county fire have all toured the facility, the airport,

and know its significance in the event ofan emergency this airport is's prepared for that seismic event. i just hope it never happens, but if it does, we'll be ready for it. this provides hope to the community, that there was a big earthquakebut that thing is still standing. this is our protection of this $112m investment. by going with a performance-based design instead of a code-minimum design.

we've created a design that uses state-of-the-art technology incorporating an isolation system to be constructed just underneath the first elevated floor ofthe structure. it's a roller,, therefore, the superstructure's out here. the ground here is chaos. magnitude 7 magnitude 8but, guess what? the building stays in the same plane. that's the difference. it is that we can have major earthquakes aftermajor earthquakes after major earthquakes,

and the building will still be hereperforming its intended duty. the leaders at the burbank airport are fantastic.because they are thinking about "what if? what if? what if?"because if you don't think about "what if?"... bad things happen. i think this will save a lot of lives. if i can get just one public agency to wakeup to the fact that they need to do more than the minimum code,i'll feel like my mission was fulfilled. we don't have to change the whole societyjust working with a few key clients you can actually make a difference.

the regional intermodal transportation center at the burbank bob hope airport

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thrifty car hire sydney

the nine no birds... well that'sinteresting. we had morning radio shows ring us up and say - well okay so whatdoes it mean? and they're trying to corner our staff. the staff doesn't even know! [chuckles] no it’s not a secret. it’s actually a bit anticlimactic. it's the whole thing of no frills. so if we can spend less, we can charge less. we are cheaper and that's really the no birds...philosophy. it's come from our dad

thrifty car hire sydney
who started it all. really it's just the way of mind for us. with hidden fees, we take a lot of pride in eliminating them from our process. we are as upfront as we possibly can, and you are not paying thousands of dollars if, you know, just bumped into a pole. the no birds... philosophy is – cheap, good cars. you can’t go wrong.

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hertz car rental sydney

the big thing is what level of damage you have to pay when and if something happens. you don't really want to wait till you hit the car rental’s desk to find that out. you want to know when you’re booking. most of our competitors have a $3000 dollars excess. ours is much much lower that. several times lower than that. for our top cover, it's only a little bit more to get a zero excess whereas most of the companies are three, four, five

hertz car rental sydney
times that amount to get equivalent coverand that's our advantage there's some horror stories out there. i heard one in tasmania where someone slid off a road and hit a pole ended up paying over $8000 i think. if that happened in a bayswater car, you'd pay standard excess which is a few hundred dollars forshowing top cover zero. if something does happen

untoward i will give my side story, we've had a little bump we've got ok, no problem and you're not paying thousands of dollars, if you've you know, you've just bumped into a pole dropping your kids off at forty.

medan rent car

hi, my name is jason cornwell and i’m auser experience designer on gmail. we’ve been hard at work to update gmail with a newlook and i’m excited to share with you some of the biggest improvements. to start, we’ve completely redesigned thelook and feel of gmail to make it as clean, simple and intuitive as possible. in addition,the new gmail automatically adapts to fit

medan rent car
nicely in any size window. if you prefer aspecific display density, you can easily set that as well. some people use a lot of labels, others chata lot. you can now adjust the size of the label and chat areas to meet your needs. â 

even if you do nothing, gmail adapts to you. the new look allows themes to really shineand we’ve updated many of them with new high-resolution imagery. you may want to takea moment to check out one of the many new high definition themes. conversations in gmail have been redesignedto improve readability and to feel more like a real conversation. â we’ve also addedprofile pictures so you can see who said what. searching is at the heart of gmail. the newsearch box makes it easy to customize your search and find exactly what you’re lookingfor. â you can also create a filter from the search box.

we’re excited to finally share the new gmailwith you and hope you’ll enjoy the new design as much as we do.

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convertible car hire uk

this is a family going on vacation. instead oflooking like tourists they look cool. because the suvthey rented from sixt is awesome. these are honeymooners

convertible car hire uk
and even though they just showed up foran extravagant wedding, today their less than impressive bank account has earned them a very impressive all-electric bmw i3. all because theysaved with sixt. this is a man wearing a toupee

driving a convertible mercedes benzrented from sixt. this is his date even though she knows the mercedes is ariddle she's still along for the ride, however, the toupee is not. this is a german polka band, playing theamerican national anthem. this is our logo. we're sixt rent a car. we're german. we're new to america. we're also the fifth largest rental car company in the world. this is what our locations look like,pretty cool

these are our cars, very cool. and since we germans know a thing or twoabout cars it makes sense that we rent only thebest. six rent a car. guten tag, america! the end

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car rental surabaya

hello, hi, i am gaery from your one stop traveland entertainment gateway at we provide the best solutionfor your travel and entertainment needs starts from more than 800 hotels in 60cities in indonesia with best available rates guarantee and instant confirmationfor any of your hotel bookings

car rental surabaya
our flight booking engine also providesprice and schedule comparison from almost all major domestic carrier withreal-time tickets issuing capabilities which is not known in any other online travelwebsite is also the only online bookingpartner of pt. kereta api indonesia (kai)

the only state owned public traincompany in indonesia this enables online booking and seatingengine so customers now can choose their favorite seats online from the entertainment sides, our eventdivision in one instance has experienced to sold more than 6000 tickets for 15.000concurrent users in less than 15 minutes on the movie side, is the onlyonline booking partner of blitzmegaplex the second biggest movie theatercompany in indonesia we also believe in giving the bestservices to our customers with our dedicated call center and online live chat

also for those who are not comfortablebooking online, we also have phone booking at your service so at last, a journey of a thousand milesmust begin with a single step so start your first step with thank you

car hire for 20 year olds uk

go. go! go...go, come on. can i help you?name, please. seinfeld. i made a reservationfor a mid-size, and she's a small. i'm kiddin' around, of course. okay, let's see here.- sixty six years old?!

car hire for 20 year olds uk
yeah. well, he's in perfect health.he works out - he's vibrant. you'd really like him. why do people always say that?i hate everybody - why would i like him? so, what do you think - could yougo out with a 66-year-old woman? well, i'll tell ya...

she would have to be really vibrant she'd be spinning. i'm sorry, we have no mid-sizeavailable at the moment. i don't understand - i made a you have my reservation? - yes, we do. unfortunately, we ran out of cars. but the reservation keeps the car here. that's why you have the reservations. i know why we have reservations.- i don't think you do. if you did, i'd have a car. see, you know how to takethe reservation. you just don't know

how to hold the reservation. and that's really the mostimportant part of the reservation, the holding.anybody can just take 'em. let me speak with my supervisor. here we go, the supervisor. you know what she's saying over there? hey, marge, see those two people over there?they think i'm talking to you,

so you pretend like you're talking to me.okay, now you start talking. oh, you mean like this - so it looks likei'm saying something, but i'm not really saying anything at all? okay, now you say something else and they won't yell at me'cause they thought i was checking with you. okay, i think that's enough.see ya later! i'm sorry. my supervisor saysthere's nothing we can do. yeah... it looked like you werein a real conversation over there.

well, we do have a compact -if you would like that. fine.- alright. well, we have a blue ford escort for you, mr. seinfeld.would you like insurance? yeah... you better give me the insurance, because i am gonna beat the hell out of this thing. please, fill this out.

sydney car rental airport

next generation airport saves lives we are in the middle of building a newregional intermodal transportation center. the vision of the ai...