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penile injection therapy

this is doctor carlos feliciano with numalemedical centre. coming to you today, to talk about some exciting news in the journal ‘stroke’;how they have released a preliminary study showing the power of stem-cell therapy andits ability to heal. in the study, they took patients who have stroke and at first outcomefrom it; some were paralyzed, some could not use their limps, like their arms and appliedthe stem- cell therapy over time. what they

penile injection therapy, found is pretty impressive; they showed thatusing the stem-cell therapy, they were able to reverse what they thought they couldn’t.they had a lot of patients who for example, were wheelchair bound are now able to walk;people who could not use their hands are now able to write. i bring this up because thisis very exciting stem-cell therapy has come

a long way. we use it here every day at numale medicalcenter in our procedure called eros. which is right here, eros is a way for men and womento help heal their own bodies. at numale we use it in the penile area and we use plateletrich plasm to help heal the tissues, arteries

penile injection therapy

and nerves. so, guys if you think it’s toolate for you or things are not looking good. definitely come on in talk to us, give usa call and we will be more than happy to talk to you, about this amazing therapy and howit can work for you. again this is dr. carlos feliciano from numale medical center, havea good day.

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