Rabu, 26 April 2017

diabetes and sexual dysfunction

some men with low testosterone might be temptedto hold off on treatment due to concerns about raised health risks. but for one common concern,those raised risks might not exist.i'm shelby cullinan with your latest health news. despite past concerns, a new study found thattestosterone therapy did not increase the risk for blood clots in the veins, calledvenous thromboembolism, or vte. low testosterone

diabetes and sexual dysfunction, can raise men's risk of heart disease, diabetesand sexual dysfunction, among other problems. the study team found that men who filled aprescription for testosterone therapy had

diabetes and sexual dysfunction

no greater risk of developing vte than thosewho did not. this proved true for all types of testosterone treatment — testosteronecreams, patches and injections — which were

all included in this study. speak to yourdoctor about the risks and benefits of your treatment.

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