Kamis, 27 April 2017

dick erect

are you mad? why do you make me wait for your dick? even if i don't have a dick. what? are you looking at my cleavage?

dick erect, i don't have time to make your dick erect, so make out quickly here. are you tired? are you telling me "i'm so exhausted"?

you jerk i eagerly want to fuxx, so i gonna stretch your muscles and then we're going to fuxx. i gonna stretch your arms and legs. give me your hand . raise your legs. i gonna do it properly, you understand? huh?

look at this jerk. you erected so quickly. are you nuts? you kicked me. why? are you hungry? you're such a handful. alright, i give your meal. follow me here it is. i made it just for you.

this is mine and this is yours. this one is really good for stamina. eat it open your mouth, good~ now i have to eat. huh? this is wrong. main dish of today's dinner is

you. i can't wait anymore! that's was good. don't cry for this. 3 minutes was good enough to me. that was really good.

dick erect

damn it, i already said that make you ready. i will come back soon.

you act like an amateur .

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